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Increasing Competitiveness With New Technology Of Microsoft & Autodesk

Siemens Machinery Industry Launch

Windows XP users reluctant to part, or to adopt Windows 8
Windows XP’s disappearance and Windows 8’s march toward some kind of success were both put on hold in January, after ...
Samsung Smart Home aims to integrate all your smart devices on one platform
LAS VEGAS—The problem with most connected home products is that the reality usually doesn’t live up to the nameIt’s not ...
Why Microsoft might give Windows RT and Windows Phone away for free
With Microsoft feeling the squeeze between low-end Android devices and Apple’s high-end dominance, the company may be ...
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Hot Products
NX Mach 3 Mold Design 
NX™ Mold Design software delivers a state-of-the-art solution that enables mold manufacturers to shrink their ...
Product Design Suite Premium 2015 
Product Design Suite is a comprehensive solution delivering 3D product design, simulation, collaboration, and visualization ...
Win 8.1 Pro 64Bit Eng 
The desktop you're used to with its familiar folders and icons is still here. And ...
Office Home and Business 2013 32-bit/x64 English 
Office Home and Business 2013 32-bit/x64 English APAC EM DVD
Adobe Photoshop CS6 
Adobe Photoshop CS6 software delivers imaging magic that helps you bring your creative vision to ...
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